Portable Wireless Scoreboard, APP and Live Streaming for Racquet Games.

Scorli scoreboard is an outdoor/indoor color display that can display score result of tennis and other racket games in real time. The result are transmitted via Bluetooth from Scorli watch or from a tablet/smartphone (android based).

The Scoreboard uses Scorli firmware + application (Scorli App) that allow transmitting the results up to 80-meter range.

Advertising or other marketing material can also be displayed through a wi-fi PC card + dedicated application that is installed on laptop/ smartphone/tablet (Android + iOS).

Games’ data can be collected during games and stored for offline, online and live streaming processing.

The wi-fi PC card is inserted into Scorli Scoreboard and together with a dedicated application it allows the user to send advertising and marketing material from laptops/smartphones/tablets (android + iOS).

Scoreboard Specifications

Scoreboard Specifications