Portable wireless scoreboard in 2 sizes and an APP – for Multi-sport, Team sport, Soccer, Racket games & more!

Portable wireless scoreboard in 2 sizes & APP – for Multi-sport, Team sport, Soccer, Racket games & more!

Display your score play like a pro

Scorli LTD. is a global company focusingon designing, developing and manufacturing state of the artproducts for sport and recreation.

Scorli’s flag product is a portable, wireless Scoreboards that can display score results during games by using a smartphone with Scorli APP.

Scorli APP can handle variety of games such asMulti sports, Team sport, Racket games, Beach volleyball, Soccer and more.

Scorli Scoreboard is designed to meet tough weather conditions (Ip 65 standard).

The scores are transmitted via Bluetooth from a smartphone based on Android or iOS (iPhone).

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Highlights of Scorli Scoreboards

  • Portable and wireless, in two screen sizes. Click here for more information

  • Designed to meet tough weather condition (Ip 65 standard).

  • A smartphone uses Scorli App transmits scores to Scorli Scoreboard in real time via Bluetooth (up to 70-meter).

  • Scorli Portable led display for all sport event allow you to present time, names & rank in real time.

  • Easy to place on tripod or hang on the wall.

  • The standard Scoreboard is light (only 13KG) and easy to place on tripod in any corner of a court or hang it on walls.

  • Sponsors’ logos can be easily displayed.

  • Scorli’s underlying technology is fully patent protected (US patent).

Scorli’s Sports’ Events & Games


Advertising or other marketing material can be displayed through a Wi-Fi PC card & dedicated application that is installed in laptop / Smartphone / tablet (Android + IOS).

The wi-fi PC card is inserted into Scorli Scoreboard and together with a dedicated application allows the user to send advertising and marketing material.

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Scorli’s App

  • Scorli’s App can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple store to a smartphone.

  • With this APP the game scores are transmitted to a Scorli Scoreboard via Bluetooth up to 70 meters.

  • Scorli application for Android / iOS allows using tablet/smartphone to transmit score to Scorli scoreboard display in real time

  • Game analysis

  • Displaying marketing content

  • Games’ data can be collected during games and stored for offline, online and Live streaming