About the Platform

The Scorli-Omnistream end-to-end live video platform is an ideal tool for live sports streaming and can integrate to sports organizations websites, enabling them to increase traffic to their site and cover all sports events at minimum cost with best performance.

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Benefits of the Live Sports Platform

The Omnistream private live video platform offers a series of important benefits:

  • Unprecedented Video Quality: Delivery of video coverage – anytime, anywhere – with exceptional live quality of up to 4K or full HD from a smartphone (unlike any other communication mechanisms such as Zoom or WebRTC).

  • Live Player Embedded on Sports Platform: Live player with viewing connectivity capabilities (different bitrates) and viewable on any platform (mobile/desktop). Scalable to any number of viewers, this is a native application that can be integrated and easily activated by a hosting app. All costs cover traffic, scale, transcoding and more – simply paste a link or an iFrame.

  • Game Score Overlay – Live update of score results remotely from Scorli app, while the game score is displayed on the live video, as done on TV. Integrated with Scorli Score Board Application.

  • The score Limitingly updates the scoreboard and the graphics in the broadcast

  • Platform-as-a-Service: Availability of a readymade and managed cloud-based backend infrastructure.

  • Video Contribution: Patented technology for boosted live streaming from smartphones to the Omnistream cloud, including uplink live boosting , video adaptive bitrate (ABR) , and H.265 codec .

  • Cost Effective: Unmatched pricing in comparison to an end to end solution in this grade of quality.

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Main Features

Main features of the Omnistream private live video platform include:

  • Live & Store: Live broadcasting and recording for storage, both in high quality video.

  • Smartphone or External DSLR Camera: Smartphones can capture professional camera footage for broadcasting in real time.

  • Real-time Video Overlays & Transitions: Ability to add logos, graphics, lower thirds, and even update sports scores.

  • Dashboard: Remote management and configuration of live video received from the field.

  • Real-time Studio Interviews: Return audio channel (IFB) enabling direct, real-time interviews of people in the field from a studio.

  • Support of SRT Live Video Protocol: Utilize the live H.265 SRT protocol to vMix/OBS for further editing, switcher capabilities, and other functionality in your professional studio.

  • Scoreboard on the court end live video platform.

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Omnistream Enhances Live Coverage

The Omnistream private live video platform enhances live coverage by:

1. Enabling the receipt of more live, authentic footage from the field: Equip your reporters with an unlimited number of live transmission units located anywhere in the world – as many points of coverage as you want – for the same price.

2. Offering exclusive content: Cover any location of interest and deliver content from anywhere, thereby increasing traction and the number of viewers.

3.Adding more “In Real Life” quality content to your apps: Ensure that the content of your live stream is interesting and engaging through the use of visual aids, demonstrations, or interesting guests.

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Example Use Cases for the Omnistream Platform

The Omnistream platform offers a range of possible use cases, including:

  • News Platform: Live delivery of breaking news from anywhere in the world, including the integration of interviews with relevant people alongside the live coverage.

  • Sports Portal: Live broadcasting of sports events, including the possibility to add team logos and score to the live video, thereby creating a true sports production.

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