About the Platform

Unveil the power of Scorli-Omnistream, your all-inclusive solution for elevating the online presence of your sports organization. This cutting-edge platform not only delivers real-time score updates but also offers high-quality live video streaming, supporting resolutions up to 4K or full HD.

What sets Scorli-Omnistream apart is its cloud-based backend infrastructure, ensuring reliability and scalability for your streaming needs. Our patented technology takes smartphone streaming to new heights, providing superior quality that enhances the overall spectator experience.

Scorli-Omnistream isn’t just a platform; it’s a game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Tailored for soccer, padel, tennis, and beyond, it adapts to the unique dynamics of various sports seamlessly. Whether you’re aiming for widespread audience engagement, sponsor visibility, or enhanced fan experience, Scorli-Omnistream is your strategic ally.

Embrace the future of sports streaming, embrace Scorli-Omnistream.

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